Top 7 Best Escape Rooms in Austin, TX

Visiting an escape room has become extremely popular in recent years among people at all age categories, including children. Actually, it is a cool way to have great fun with your family and friends, celebrate a birthday or connect with your colleagues. But the number of quest rooms is steadily increasing and sometimes it’s hard to figure out which panic room is really good.

Every player who steps foot inside the panic room craves adventure and hopes that this place stimulates emotions without any limits. In turn, no one wants to be disappointed and be locked into a poor-quality room with bad or broken clues, banal set design and an indifferent game boss.

In order to avoid unnecessary frustration and enjoy this entertaining activity, check out our list of the most challenging escape rooms with the best room escape games Austin offers you and be ready to get your wits to the test.

Lockout Austin, Escape Room in South Austin

Lockout Austin is known for its  high quality escape game rooms and that’s why it is listed among the most impressive escape rooms Austin Texas. Focused on game design, Lockout Austin has three interactive escape bunkers for small groups of gamers (from 1 to 10 gamers) and one kid friendly variant. The riddles of every chamber are difficult, but not impossible and there are a lot of fantastic blending tech and analog clues. The collection of available room options includes such names as The Blue Meth Breakout, The Cursed Ship, The Murder At The Asylum, and The Enchanted Chamber (this is a mystery room in which parents can play side by side with kids).

Perplexium: The Live Escape Challenge, Escape Room in Corporate Center

It’s hard to tell if Perplexium is an escape experience or real-life adventure novel, but it’s possible to say with confidence that your visit to Perplexium you will never forget.

There are only two rooms available in Perplexium, but they are filled with a range of innovative gadgetry and technology and provide customers with lots of challenges and fun. Now you can choose The Bank Heist or The Rogue Al in order to hit a nerve, activate your brain and enjoy the escape activity. Both Perplexium game rooms actually include many spectacular sound and visual effects like flashing lights, fog and some intense elements.

Austin Panic Room, Escape Room in Central Austin

The escape room Austin TX, located in the heart of the city, is the ultimate visitor attraction. Both new and experienced escape room fans can find some exciting game rooms in Austin Panic Room.

Five various game options are available now in Austin Panic Room: The Abandoned School, The Prison Break, The Phase III: Human Trails, The Cabin Fever, and The Oval Office. These rooms have several levels of difficulty in order to match each team’s skill level and make the game time enjoyable for the players. Every single room comes with a game master who can either be inside or outside a bunker, but still provides you with all necessary hints and clues.

Maze Rooms Austin, Escape Room on Lamar Boulevard

Here is another top puzzle room which cannot be ignored. Maze Rooms is known as one of the most thrilling escape rooms to go in Austin. There exist three cool maze room variants, such as The Shed, The Spy Safe House, and The Pharaoh’s Tomb.  All these chambers incorporate tech in a way that can please even the most experienced picky escapers as well as delight newcomers.

The idea of Maze Room Austin isn’t new: you should solve clues and collect necessary keys to open the door and get out. However, a high-quality game design, immersive storyline, plenty of fun, interactive puzzles and incredible light effects make every bunker extremely entertaining and original.

15 Locks, Escape Room in North Austin

There is at least one reason why 15 Locks is considered one of the top escape rooms in Austin – it is entirely different from other ones and can bear the title “Unique Escape Room Austin”. The main distinguishing feature of 15 Locks is total darkness. When players enter a selected room, the first challenge is the darkness test. That means that you are placed in a locked room without light and you can keep playing only if you find hidden torches with the help of your team. Such an unexpected and shocking start promotes the full immersion into the atmosphere of hopelessness and fear that makes people begin combating and appreciate the value of the team.

The most popular escape room games you’ll find there – in 15 Locks. They are The Lab  Rats, The Lost Recording, The Call of the Ancient, The Frequency, The Dead Man’s Cove, and The Escape the Manor. And one more very important thing to players, 15 Locks offers the panic room that can involve up to 24 people, making it one of the largest escape rooms in Austin.

Escapology, Escape Room Austin in Round Rock

One more escape room that stands out from other Austin puzzle rooms by its seriousness of storylines and phenomenal special effects is Escapology: The Live Escape Game. Every player can find something interesting in Escapology because it offers historical, science-fiction, detective and espionage plots. One group can consist of 2-6 people. In total, this escape room is proud of its 5 chambers with different levels of complexity. They are The Nuclear Annihilation, The Extinction, The Assassination Express, Th3 Cod3, and The Under Pressure. These cells can make your blood pumping – partly because of the awesome room design, partly because of creative puzzles and peculiar clues.

Project Panic, Escape Room in Hyde Park, Austin

When it comes to the engaging experience, Project Panic: A Live Escape Room is what you really need. Being one of the most difficult Austin escape rooms, it draws most quest room lovers from all over Texas. Project Panic is a fun place that offers families, friends and co-workers an opportunity to rack their brains and bond in the process of solving intricate puzzles. The main goal of this panic room like any other one is to encourage fond memories and positive emotions through team working and brainstorming.

There are two escape game rooms available in Panic Project – The End of the Line and The Gallery. Each room has its own theme and task. The Gallery takes place in a museum and if you and your team want to escape this horrible place, you have to find the riches that have been hidden by the art gallery owner. The End of Line is a subway-themed chamber in which you should find out the villains’ plans and prevent them.

Overall, escape room activity is wonderful. Using your wits to solve puzzles of varying complexity, you can escape the room… but only if your team members move in the same direction and work as a whole. Such experience gets tons of adrenaline, unforgettable feelings and absolutely new emotions. It may seem scary to get locked indoors with nothing, but this is a perfect chance to see what you are capable of. Choose the most suitable escape room and test yourself.