Escape Room Austin, TX

The chances are you have heard of escape rooms before. Are you wondering what all the fuss is about and what exactly an escape room is?

First of all, let us note that there are different kinds of puzzle rooms out there. Traditional ones remind computer quests but unlike them take place in reality. A group of people gets locked in a room full of clues and hidden messages and they have to solve puzzles, look for previously mentioned clues to eventually get out of the room in time. There are also escape rooms with a virtual reality element, which takes the gaming process to the whole new level of awesomeness. You completely immerse into a game having forgotten about everything that is happening in real life.

Escape room games are great for several reasons. To start with, they provide you with the opportunity to spend a good time with friends and family. As well as that, they give players an unforgettable experience. Once you start searching for escape room themes, you will be impressed with the assortment. Some games are family- and kid-friendly with quite an easy scenario while other ones are complicated or can scare the hell out of you.
Whether you are throwing a corporate party for coworkers or planning a date for just two of you, opt to escape rooms and you won’t miss the mark.

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Looking for a Kid-friendly Escape Room Game in Austin?

Truth to be told, it isn’t an easy task to find a place in Austin which would be interesting for both adults and children. But you know what? Such places actually exist and they are called escape rooms. You don’t know it yet, but Santa needs your help with saving Christmas. You and your kids can become real heros thanks to the most awesome VR escape game “Christmas” that has been designed by our team of professionals. You and your kids will definitely love an adventurous scenario and impressive atmosphere of this game.

Austin’s Most Interesting Escape Room for Families

Let us guess. You have been looking for the best family-friendly escape rooms to go in Austin, TX for a while? Any luck? Okay, stop your searches because you are about to discover the coolest VR escape room game not only in Austin but in the whole state of Texas. This game is called “Cyberpunk” and it is as awesome as its name. Get ready to adventitious travel into the future where the boundaries between technologies and people are blurred and the most valuable thing in the world is data.

Scary Escape Game to Play in Austin

Are you one of those few people who are impossible to scare? You have already watched all the horror movies and finished all the scary games that only existed? It’s high time for you to try out one of the scariest escape room games out there – Sanctum. Not only will you have to try yourself in the role of an investigator, but also have to face an ancient evil force that can take your life and soul. Are you scared yet?